Eccles Gymnastics competitive classes are for those gymnasts who demonstrate an above average ability and enthusiasm for the sport of gymnastics. These classes are by invitation only. All competitive members are selected by the coaching team. The coaching team are always on the lookout for children from the recreation class who show a natural aptitude for the sport of gymnastics. We believe in supporting the development of each gymnast so that their individual goals can be reached. When there are spaces available, we identify and invite children from our recreation classes that are able to meet certain criteria to attend a trial. Gymnasts need to meet certain strength & skill based criteria to attend trials.

Competitive gymnastics requires a lot more dedication from both the gymnast and parents. Gymnasts may take part in up to 4 competitions a year and must be willing to travel with a family member to competitions around the country. Competitive Gymnasts are expected to do their best to train during gymnastic holidays, during camps and when opportunities arise.  

Gymnast's progress, ability and commitment are assessed each term by the coaching team  and decisions are made on which group is most suitable for each gymnast for the following term.

Gymnasts will compete in Gymnastics Ireland competitions as an Individual and/or part of a team. This will involve travelling around the country. Parents are responsible for travel & accommodation arrangements for their own children.