Term 1 Calendar for Competitive Classes

* No Gymnastics classes on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th & Wednesday 30th October 2019




11th Sept

13th Sept

14th Sept

18th Sept

20th Sept

21st Sept

25th Sept

27th Sept

28th Sept

2nd Oct

4th Oct

5th Oct

9th Oct

11th Oct

12th Oct

16th Oct

18th Oct

19th Oct

23rd Oct

25th Oct *

26th Oct *

30th Oct *

1st Nov

2nd Nov

6th Nov

8th Nov

9th Nov

13th Nov


Term 2 Competitive Calendar 

 ******** There will be no training in December after Saturday 7th December due to the hall been unavailable. We will be organising extra training during these two weeks.





15th Nov

16th Nov

20th Nov

22nd Nov

23rd Nov

27th Nov

29th Nov

30th Nov

4th Dec

6th Dec

7th Dec




8th Jan

10th Jan

11th Jan

15th Jan

17th Jan

18th Jan

22nd Jan

24th Jan

25th Jan

29th Jan

31st Jan

1st Feb

5th Feb

7th Feb